I was already taking tiny 5-minute naps and was awake for less than a minute in between when I thought to check my mail. I’ve been holding off making commitments for activity hour on Friday (a term which, by the way, boggles me because it’s not an hour, but actually an hour and a half) in the hopes that maybe, just maybe I got into LFC-Creatives and go to the Creatives General Assembly. I got in somehow, despite the messy-looking mock poster.

My first choice, Promotions, seems like a pretty badass committee as well, but I’m looking to expand my portfolio and finally learn some about design. When I make stuff, I basically just put together things that look right together. Actual design theories would be nice. Or tips and guidlines. Crossing my fingers for freebies as well, haha!

Also got into Ateneo ENTABLADO (ENterteynment para sa TAo, Bayan, LAnsangan at DiyOs), the premier socio-political theater organization. I was never one for acting, though I took Theater Arts as an elective way back in senior year high school for some reason. I only played two roles: the emotional housewife of an ex-drug pusher who turned back to pushing drugs, and a random prostitute with no lines. Di ko alam kung ano nga bang pumasok sa isip ko at sinubukan kong mag-ENTA, pero nakikita ko sa members nila na masarap din ang buhay teatro. Why not Chocnut?

Hello, 2nd half of 2012. Cue Weightless by All Time Low!

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